Read this story. As the conversation about extraterrestrial life continues be aware this is not a new discussion. History of these encounters abounds and seems to center on nuclear facilities and military installations.

We are being watched and even contacted by these life forms and I believe they are not hostile. To fear these events or reject them as conspiracies is foolishness.

These contacts have been happening for more than 75 years and center on observation of our development as a civilization. I believe our discovery of nuclear power and especially its destructive ability has them concerned.

Hopefully they will step in and prevent us from destroying ourselves before we learn to get along.

Sunday thoughts on language. Rather than carry on a dissertation on the importance of the native language and how it forms the people that speak it I thought I would simply share this with you.

This unique approach to language and its creation is not to imply that you or anyone that you know is a cow. 😂

As a follower of Medium for some time now I am always impressed with the wide variation of subject matter. I enjoy reading many of the stories and articles that cover a myriad of subjects. …

So the Pentagon has released its report on UFOs. They even changed the name to Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

They basically explain that they don’t know what they are. My guess is is that they really don’t and that they’re not trying to hide anything because it’s just as complex and…

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Top News From Seeking Alpha

New federal holiday

President Biden signed a bill on Thursday to make Juneteenth a national holiday after the measure passed…

Here’s some investing ideas for a new week on Wall Street. We are headed to $100 barrel oil. These are the best ETFs to put in your portfolio now.

Here is how cryptocurrency is handled when it’s stolen or used as ransom.

This will explain what happened when the FBI went after the hackers that hit the Colonial Pipeline.

If you take the time to read the story you will see why cryptocurrency is actually no different than any…

So it appears that the federal government can trace cryptocurrency to its source or to its holder and take what they want. They just did it to the hackers that got Colonial Pipeline.

They’re going to start doing it to anybody that is hacking and holding ransom demanding cryptocurrency and…

Are you trying to borrow money for anything and having issues getting something done? Are you dealing with a large bank or a small lender?

Have you made an effort to get any type of a business loan from the SBA and seem to be being slow-rolled?

This might give you an idea of what’s going on.

This is food for thought if you are interested in cryptocurrency.

This is a fundamental law of human economic development since society began to trade currency.

I believe that cryptocurrency can become a store house of value at some future date. It will never avoid regulations or manipulation by…

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